Based in Shepparton in regional Victoria, Donway Caravans has premium road frontage with a very convent layout and infrastructure already in place to present and sell a large range of new and used Caravans


Not only do we already have the space and infrastructure set up to sell caravans we have a foot in the door with social networking, cliental data base and foot traffic daily from the travel industry.

How is this possible? well we can thank Pj’s 4x4 as we will be sharing our new home with them.


it’s only a new home to the caravans, not our friendly staff.  So, rest assure you won’t find a more experienced team of consultants to look after you with the best possible services or product for you next journey. Whether it be purchasing a second-hand caravan, selling your caravans or purchasing a brand-new model. We offer delivery nationwide for your conveincesso every Australian can experience our product.

Company history

Company history

Both Companies have been founded by Peter Don, PJ’s 4x4 was established in late 2013 and Donway Caravans in 2018. Pj’s 4x4 was established because Peter was exposed on a regular basis to seeing many tradesman and outdoor adventurers struggling to fit even the most basic of equipment into their ute tub without having an issue.  Naturally with Peter’s Passion for the outdoors and travelling he soon discovered that Australia lacked high quality premium canopies. Instantly he was drawn to sought out and solve a better solution for his fellow travellers. Donway history of why the company has been established can be found in our Mission statement.

“Caravans have been a part of my life for as long as I Can remember” thanks to my parents who were also passionate about caravans and family holidays, I was exposed to the great outdoors from a young age and followed on with their passion for it.

As soon as I was old enough to get a driver's licence, I was on the road out to concur and explore the world “

Started building appricaship 16 went out into business at 22

in 2000 I established my first business J's Concrete Pumping based in Shepparton and operated around the Goulburn Valley. Today PJ’s Concrete Pumping is managed by my son Keelan who has spent over 11 years learning the trade from me.

This has now given me the chance to focus on my real passion……………… so just like my father used to take our family on caravanning trips, I now hook up my caravan and hit the road with my wife. But what good is it if I don’t have my friends and family along for the journey.

I remembered the classic caravan adventures consisted of family time, being able to stop wherever you wanted whenever you wanted, starting conversations with strangers everywhere we went, large camp fires under the stars with plenty of storytelling, laughs and even some song and dance from time to time.

We lived what some people would call Living “the Australian dream” or “the great Australian dream of sun and surf” or you could even say we were envied by everyman and his dog.

But those days seem long gone and have become a very distant dream / memory for my-self and many others.


Peter's Passion

About a year ago I came across a 1958 Don Caravan for sale in Perth, which caravans was considered the Rolls Royce of caravans back in those days. Seeing it was liking taking a trip down memory lane of the bygone era.

So, my mission is to help Australians rediscover the simple pleasures of passing time in the great outdoors and to have all my family and close acquaintance along for the ride.

Whether it be in a caravan or canopy I don’t mind. I just want people to have the chance to

“Live the Australian dream”

With the up and coming opening of Donway Caravans my excitement grows more and more each day and we would love for you all to come along for the new adventure.


This is the Don Caravans comeback but done the Donway around this time.


The Only Way Is The DONWAY!!

Our Mission 


       7851 Goulburn Valley Hwy,

       Kialla, VIC,  3630 

       03 9052 4652   



MON - FRI:  8:30 am - 5:30pm

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